Taking the easy shot

Well, as is often the case here at BadConsultant towers, we  were out on ye olde interwebs looking for inspiration today [and working hard not to just dive back into an HR forum to watch suspended animation in action] but just didn’t feel like taking any easy shots. We swung by Forbes, but nothing caught […]

Panama or bust…

BadConsultant hereby apologizes for momentary radio silence [11 million documents is a LOT to review for potential incriminating insights] While we do so, however, let’s take a spin down the LinkedIn updates feed and see what catches our interest… Oh, this BadConsultant doesn’t believe he can scroll much further [my eyes! my EYESSSSSS!!!!] How to […]

DestructionHR – 4 years too early?

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time that BadConsultant was riding a trend before it had even become a spark in the eye of an in-utero idea emergent at an innovation incubative blue-sky research fantasy novel land far, far away, would it? Yet now, some 4 years later, what does BadConsultant read in the comments […]

Wait… Who did what now?

Like our consulting brethren the world over, we generally  choose to keep our deep-held beliefs, opinions and judgements hidden far beneath a chameleon smile [you never know who will be paying your invoice next month] and so it will remain in this season of political idiocy. Thanks to our longitudinal multi-variate analysis though, we know that no-read Wednesday appears […]

Oh, how many ways shall I categorize thee?

OK. We’ll paraphrase because, well, going back and finding the original LinkedIn forum discussion would be just a little too much of a gaze into the abyss [and staring at the walls of solitary confinement hotel rooms is more than enough for us most of the time] but suffice to say, it was a very excited HR […]

HR, the masters of erase and rewind

Today an email arrived at BadConsultant Towers promising to answer the question: How does HR become a strategic partner to the business? Among other things, the email mentioned TALENT MANAGEMENT! SUCCESSION PLANNING! REWARD AND RECOGNITION! HR DATA AND ANALYTICS! [and yes, a “seat at the table”] Excuse me, 1998 called – it needs its business case back. […]