BadExecutive Type 1

“End is Nigh” Anti-Evangelist

This Bad Executive is a powerful counterpoint to the “We can do this” Blind Optimist.

Here’s the facts. Very few things about the workplace are matters of life and death. So a budget comes in slightly high, so a couple of people lose their jobs, so the bonus doesn’t quite pay the overdraft… It’s not the end of the world.

Except that the “End is Nigh” Anti-Evangelist will tell you that’s exactly what it is.

Often seen with:

  • His forehead rammed into his palm as he stares in desperation at the desktop, praying for salvation or some other ray of sunshine that might forestall the inevitable.

Tell-tale signs:

  • Sighs a lot in meetings.
  • Shakes head in negation at random points in meetings (with absolutely no connection to the content under discussion).

Favourite Saying:

  • “You just don’t understand…”

Puts faith in:

  • Inevitability of death
  • Acceptance that performance is worthless
  • The fact that at least the cockroach will survive once human-kind has driven itself to destruction

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