Yoda Capitalism

Eastern-Dagobah philosophy comes to the western corporation

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Well, sooner or later it had to happen. You just know it had to.

Over the years, from Kaizan to Mushu


western corporations have sought to gain Philoso-Leverage(®) from any source they can. And, in the post-war readjustment of the world economy, as Asia began its ascendancy, Japan was the source of everything the modern corporation needed to be. Throughout the eighties, if you weren’t Turning Japanese

[great song, subject matter may not be what you think]

then you really weren’t hip.

[Except for revenge of the nerds, where the Japanese nerd was even more nerdy than the American nerds. Hollywood – has it ever been hip to the real world?]

We’ve been struck this last week by several innovative approaches to management consulting, learning and organizational development. From Rock n’ Roll (for those who need consultancy relating to apostrophe misuse), to television metaphor (“Which character from M.A.S.H. best symbolizes your culture?“)

[genius at work right there]

the need to put common sense into another format just so the common leader can understand what’s commonly understood by the common people of the common organization just keeps on providing different hooks. In any other realm of operation, this would be geek-nerd city without the traffic. In few other spheres than consultancy does the consultant get to bring their pet subject to the table and make it sounds like a life or death issue for the P&L.

So, without further ado, BadConsultant’s brief introduction to the wisdom of the little green elf, gonk, slug, name-the-little-green-thing that is Yoda… Or, maybe that should “Yoda is” be?

Yoda Capitalism

“Powerful you have become, the dark side I sense in you.”

  • Here Yoda indicates the impact colleague disengagement can have in the modern corporation, especially when linked to union membership
  • On a socio-political level, he is also referring to the growing might of the Russian economy under Vladimir Putin
  • Use our “I-sense”(®) measurement framework to unravel the gordian knot of what your people have become

“Grave danger you are in. Impatient you are.”

  • Here, Yoda discusses risk analysis and the endless search for results in an imperfect world. Pleasing the shareholder may be all well and good but… Can anyone mention Enron?
  • On a socio-political level, it is clear that pseudo-religious posturing towards Iran isn’t far from Yoda’s mind here
  • Use our “Grave Danger Risk Analysis Protocol”(®) before it’s too late

“Try not. Do or do not, there is no try.”

  • Can you say outcome-based assessment?
  • On a socio-political level, it is clear Yoda is pitching for business with the England Rugby Union Squad
  • Use our “Sinatra Said It Better”(®) reference library, starting at the “do-be-do-be-do” section

[Note: consider “Sinatra as Existentialist”(®) Executive Retreat]

“Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will.”

  • Executive compensation, and in particular share options, rears its ugly head in the world of the jedi master
  • On a socio-political level, it’s pretty clear that Yoda is guiding against Wolf Blitzer’s over-amping of “The Road To War” immediately prior to the invasion of Afghanistan
  • Use our “Destiny Doesn’t Have To Be That Way”(®) self-perception inventory

“Lost a planet Master Obi-Wan has. How embarrassing.”

  • Obviously, Yoda is also able to drop his sights to the vagaries of stationery control in the modern corporation
  • On a socio-political level, pretty much a devastating critique on Al Gore’s attempts to revitalize the eco-bandwagon in the face of rampant corporate growth expectations – doesn’t he know that the environment feeds our 401K’s?
  • Use our “Red-face Test”(®) quiz booklet

More soon, but for now we will let you reflect Yoda’s words upon for the moment that is…



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