What does it mean to be a badconsultant?

Well, here we are at the Human Capital Institute Summit 2009

[networking – woo-and-indeed-hoo!]

soaking up some of the latest thinking in the management sphere and testing the boundaries of our own reality. Does that sound like an odd thing to happen at a conference?

[unlike hot-tubs]

Well, we’re rapidly coming to the conclusion that the world is changing around, underneath and within us AND (some of which we covered in Economic Catastrophe and Bipolar Disorder) that is like, er, a rilly, rilly good thing!

[“It’s the end of the world as we know it… And BadConsultant feels fine!”]

We’ve had a number of questions as to why BadConsultant? Here’s our two main answers:

  1. We don’t make money from this unless we add value – you can take it for free or you can do the decent thing and respect our contribution
  2. We’re more than happy to lift the lid on the madness and, to quote a friend of ours, “open the kimono” – most people in modern corporations (and the moreso as you get more senior) are perpetuating an illusion of order and control that is slowly but surely destroying their energy, vitality and chance of achieving happiness – it is also, quite literally, killing any chance of a sustainable, growing business. And BadConsultant just flat refuses to perpetuate the myth. Even though our consulting bretheren would rapidly bill for more hours to achieve just that.

So, here we are, bringing s*** and fan together.

And we are determined to create and model a new form of consultancy. It’s basic tenets:

  • It’s no longer about having the answers. It’s knowing which question to ask. Especially when it’s about the unthinkable.
  • Every action we, and our clients, take should tear down, or destroy some building brick of the monolithic corporate structure – it is a model that worked for some of the 20th century – but it’s already far beyond out of date
  • You only get to draw on our talent if you have a mission and purpose that changes the world for the better

How do you like them apples?

BadConsultant is available for any sort of gig that meets the above criteria. And we’re wondering what you’re scared of that stops you getting in touch with us.

It is time to change your world, and the world, for the better.



2 thoughts on “What does it mean to be a badconsultant?

  1. Why thank you very much, K – I like your brother O very much and especially when the two of you are together.

    Things have been quiet for a little while as I get my next experiment up to speed (more on that in the coming month) – and having said that, have you been over to http://www.jobinions.com to tell it like it is?

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to add you to the mailing list to let you know as things come out?

    Vince (Badconsultant)


  2. Oh BadConsultant. A breath of fresh air! blog more. blog lots more….please for the love of…progress!!!!! I absolutely love everything I’ve read on your blog so far. I’ve been working for two totally polar opposite institutions in different countries. One…a top tier business school/ MBA program outside of Paris – I hear a lot of “No. We Can’t. We Don’t do it that say. Nothing will change. Our marketing calendar is just a replica of last year’s and the year before….” At the other based in the US…there is a lot of “Great idea! How can we do that? Let’s figure out how to prove the value of that. ‘you rock!’ is a favorite phrase.” It’s amazing how extraordinarily different they are.

    BadConsultant…you ROCK!



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