Onward to the next thing

A while back, I mentioned that I had an idea – a BIG idea – that I would share at some point. Well, that’s now 2 big ideas, however I’ve decided that they’re too exciting not to push them forward.

I do make the promise to share the next big idea that comes along (they’re as regular as clockwork) but right now, I want to push one through. So, I’m looking for…

  • A marketing genius with experience of proliferating social phenomena
  • An iPhone (and other device) app development expert who can help spec out an app
  • A social researcher who can help me structure the back-end data to a saleable product

Equal shares all around for anyone who contributes significantly to the product, by common agreement of the team.

Oh, and BTW, this really is a ground-breaking idea but be warned, as soon as anyone on the team leaks it, or steals it, I’ll publish it as open source!

Vince (BadConsultant)


One thought on “Onward to the next thing

  1. vince vince vince….haven’t we met before! social media is my baby! as far as the iPhone app – the company I work for Oshyn provides the services – not sure if they’d be able to help. I would suggest you contact rpatri at oshyn.com to see if there is any opportunities there.


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