Happy Millionth Management Book Day!

We here at BadConsultant towers are pleased to confirm that January 14th, 2010 is Millionth Management Book Day.

Well, it finally got here. As of this moment, a search of amazon.com books yields 1,000,568 hits. Yes, that’s right…


[Sidebar: Peter Drucker, long considered the Daddy of management thinkers, only accounts for a paltry 13,341 of those million plus hits – he hasn’t really been trying, has he?]

At a low estimate of an average 40,000 words per book, that’s 40 billion words written on the subject of management.

That makes our hair hurt.

That’s around 6 words per person on this planet.

That makes my teeth ache.

So here’s a challenge, if you could give each person just 6 words on management, what would they be? Here are some early ideas:

  • “Deliver results, deliver results, deliver results”
  • “Make others successful, all the time”
  • “Keep the boss happy, forget underlings”

BadConsultant needs to absorb the scale and scope of this important day. Suffice to say, though, that we’ll be back introducing fecal matter to rotating air replenishers shortly.



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