Don’t worry, they’ll turn into us one day…

Aside from the fact that they’re still ignoring Gen X, the myth-busters snapping at their heels, Boomer HR execs seem mighty fascinated by Gen Y at the moment

[the number one indicator that the job market is coming back again]

and yet again, I heard recently:

Oh, it’s just because they’re young and haven’t had to experience tough times yet. They’ll learn.

This from the same generation that have the temerity to label themselves the ‘greatest’ generation

[and doesn’t BadConsultant just hate those adverts where the Boomers talk about their retirement plans – “when I grow up…”]

and who proudly claim the advancement of civil rights and gender equality as their cause celebre.

We loooove diversity but those Gen Y’ers are just ungrateful children.

And there’s the clue – the parents are trying to understand how to lead and manage their kids, who are all grown up and their own adult selves. And who categorically care about, and want, different things than their parents.

Honestly, sitting with a collection of Boomer execs is like being a fly-on-the-wall at a bad parent support group.

It wouldn’t surprise me to hear consideration of employment policies that included curfews, television limits and grounding.

Here’s the newsflash: every generation is great, every generation is awful, every generation thinks the following ones are lesser than themselves.

It’s called growing old and realizing the promise of your own mortality.

So, get over it Boomers – Gen X and Y

[and whatever comes afterwards]

will never be like you.

But they have the potential to be the best of themselves – that’s your job, growing performance through people.

So, quit your support group whining and act like executive leaders.


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