Taking the easy shot

Well, as is often the case here at BadConsultant towers, we  were out on ye olde interwebs looking for inspiration today

[and working hard not to just dive back into an HR forum to watch suspended animation in action]

but just didn’t feel like taking any easy shots.

We swung by Forbes, but nothing caught our eye. Scanned the Harvard Business Review but actually liked the sound of a number of headlines. Dallied at Business Week

[and were soooooooo very tempted…]

but, in the end, BadConsultant just didn’t feel his gorge rising, his breath shortening, a red mist descending.

Because he’d seen it all before.

There really doesn’t seem to be anything much new under the sun when it comes to business reporting/opinion. Not to say there aren’t huge challenges

[cue Joan A in Albuquerque, NM pointing out that a challenge is but an opportunity in disguise – thanks, Joan!]

  • Managers are still not held accountable for managing
  • Women are still systematically discriminated against in the workforce
  • Implicit bias and systematic racism still limits the realization of the potential in minority workers
  • Executives are still ego-led, making selfish political decisions at the expense of their workers and investors
  • The internet continues to undermine well-understood business models
  • The expectation of ‘free’ continues to force artists and entrepreneurs to declare defeat
  • The reality of climate change continues to stare us in the face

These are all real issues. That need real solutions

[which, of course, piques BadConsultant’s interest]

but which remain as unsolved today as they were 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago.

So, while it would be easy to jump off the deep end of satire and sarcasm, today we just feel like that’s doing more of what’s already been done, and what’s already been done hasn’t moved the needle very much.

We prefer needles to move.

And wonder what we can do to make that happen.


Did a Business Week article really mention Kanye West in its headline? Really?!!



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