DestructionHR – 4 years too early?

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time that BadConsultant was riding a trend before it had even become a spark in the eye of an in-utero idea emergent at an innovation incubative blue-sky research fantasy novel land far, far away, would it? Yet now, some 4 years later, what does BadConsultant read in the comments […]

Wait… Who did what now?

Like our consulting brethren the world over, we generally  choose to keep our deep-held beliefs, opinions and judgements hidden far beneath a chameleon smile [you never know who will be paying your invoice next month] and so it will remain in this season of political idiocy. Thanks to our longitudinal multi-variate analysis though, we know that no-read Wednesday appears […]

HR, the masters of erase and rewind

Today an email arrived at BadConsultant Towers promising to answer the question: How does HR become a strategic partner to the business? Among other things, the email mentioned TALENT MANAGEMENT! SUCCESSION PLANNING! REWARD AND RECOGNITION! HR DATA AND ANALYTICS! [and yes, a “seat at the table”] Excuse me, 1998 called – it needs its business case back. […]

Wednesday’s worse

Thanks to our meta-analytic longitudinal statistics, we know that few readers swing by on Wednesdays [we’d like to believe it’s because everyone is really engaged in doing their very best work, even though we do smell quiet desperation in the air] So we’ll keep it brief. Swing by the Harvard Business Review website. Ignoring any and […]

Tuesday’s twice as bad

Ah, Tuesday. Day after dreaded day, day before slump day, day where the erosion of hope and good faith grows palpable. So, what better day to go browsing the LinkedIn discussion groups, where we find: Recommendations Personality/Profile Assessment for C-Level with the added kicker, that we could implement quickly and independently (without the need for […]

Hey, Yahoo – the 1990s called…

Well, it had to happen sooner or later – according to Business Week [which is on the internet, so BadConsultant knows it must absolutely be true] Yahoo, one of a handful of companies that defined the internet during the 1990s, has adopted performance management practices from [wait for it…] the 1990s. Yes, that’s right, as […]