Taking the easy shot

Well, as is often the case here at BadConsultant towers, we  were out on ye olde interwebs looking for inspiration today [and working hard not to just dive back into an HR forum to watch suspended animation in action] but just didn’t feel like taking any easy shots. We swung by Forbes, but nothing caught […]

DestructionHR – 4 years too early?

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time that BadConsultant was riding a trend before it had even become a spark in the eye of an in-utero idea emergent at an innovation incubative blue-sky research fantasy novel land far, far away, would it? Yet now, some 4 years later, what does BadConsultant read in the comments […]

Give me a label, dammit!

Depending upon which purveyor of MBTI you choose, you’ll be led to believe it’s either: a preference inventory (i.e. you can be all of the types, yet prefer one predominantly) a psychological measure (i.e. you are one of the types) Further, you’ll either be told: MBTI should never be used for selection, as it is […]

Wednesday’s worse

Thanks to our meta-analytic longitudinal statistics, we know that few readers swing by on Wednesdays [we’d like to believe it’s because everyone is really engaged in doing their very best work, even though we do smell quiet desperation in the air] So we’ll keep it brief. Swing by the Harvard Business Review website. Ignoring any and […]

Hey, Yahoo – the 1990s called…

Well, it had to happen sooner or later – according to Business Week [which is on the internet, so BadConsultant knows it must absolutely be true] Yahoo, one of a handful of companies that defined the internet during the 1990s, has adopted performance management practices from [wait for it…] the 1990s. Yes, that’s right, as […]

Don’t worry, they’ll turn into us one day…

Aside from the fact that they’re still ignoring Gen X, the myth-busters snapping at their heels, Boomer HR execs seem mighty fascinated by Gen Y at the moment [the number one indicator that the job market is coming back again] and yet again, I heard recently: Oh, it’s just because they’re young and haven’t had […]

Well… Er… That wasn’t what we expected…

Hahahahaha – BadConsultant is back from an extended sabbatical, where he has enjoyed long days and sultry nights, the comfort of family and friends and complete avoidance of anything resembling a corporate 9-to-5 [you should definitely try it some time] Refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated. So… This isn’t a post about BP. Well, maybe just a little. […]