Hey, Yahoo – the 1990s called…

Well, it had to happen sooner or later – according to Business Week [which is on the internet, so BadConsultant knows it must absolutely be true] Yahoo, one of a handful of companies that defined the internet during the 1990s, has adopted performance management practices from [wait for it…] the 1990s. Yes, that’s right, as […]

Is growth an unachievable myth for most corporations?

Your humble [yeah, right] correspondent, BadConsultant, was thinking of growth this morning [on the way to his local diner for the best low-carb omelet-fest this side of the Mississippi] and the fable of rice on a chess board came to mind. I think it’s an old Confusciuscian [made-up words are cool] parable, though, knowing BadConsultant‘s […]

This and That – Part I: The basic error of who you ask to manage

The corporate abnormality that is the modern organization could well carry a sticker created by managers for managers A system that extends beyond natural social patterns – which is precisely what happened in the industrialized expansion of the twentieth century – requires energy to prevent it from regressing back to its natural state. In the […]

And then NBC said “watch out, here comes the boss!”

We wrote a while back about the Winter Oly… Olympic Winter Games and what it could teach us about corporate abnormality. While the sport may be done, the learning continues. Hurtling down a bob-sleigh run at 90 mph has gotta hurt Canada really cares about hockey and curling NBC US really does choose to focus […]

If only everybody would…

Ahhhh, change management [or, to ascribe its formal status, let’s capitalize] Change Management… How doth we love the sound of thy name? How many are the ways that we shall enshrine your virtues and purvey your countenance? How rich are the opportunities to spread your beneficence across a world that has lost its way in […]

I looked up and BOOM! Drive-by Collaboration!

A while back, your trusted adviser BadConsultant elucidated the madness of the Random Act of Leadership [and boy-oh-boy haven’t we seen a few of those in the intervening years?] which has proven to be one of the most enduring [legacy] of our posts. Not a surprise to us, the RAOL is just so common that […]