Give me a label, dammit!

Depending upon which purveyor of MBTI you choose, you’ll be led to believe it’s either: a preference inventory (i.e. you can be all of the types, yet prefer one predominantly) a psychological measure (i.e. you are one of the types) Further, you’ll either be told: MBTI should never be used for selection, as it is […]

Wednesday’s worse

Thanks to our meta-analytic longitudinal statistics, we know that few readers swing by on Wednesdays [we’d like to believe it’s because everyone is really engaged in doing their very best work, even though we do smell quiet desperation in the air] So we’ll keep it brief. Swing by the Harvard Business Review website. Ignoring any and […]

Tuesday’s twice as bad

Ah, Tuesday. Day after dreaded day, day before slump day, day where the erosion of hope and good faith grows palpable. So, what better day to go browsing the LinkedIn discussion groups, where we find: Recommendations Personality/Profile Assessment for C-Level with the added kicker, that we could implement quickly and independently (without the need for […]

Island life ain’t all it’s reckoned to be…

Well, much as we enjoyed the never-ending cocktail hour on our private island, it’s time for this BadConsultant to revisit the mainland for a short while. [it was the LinkedIn discussion forums that did it, to be honest, but more of that in the next few days] BC‘s first question on stepping off the yacht? How’s the literature search […]

Hey, Yahoo – the 1990s called…

Well, it had to happen sooner or later – according to Business Week [which is on the internet, so BadConsultant knows it must absolutely be true] Yahoo, one of a handful of companies that defined the internet during the 1990s, has adopted performance management practices from [wait for it…] the 1990s. Yes, that’s right, as […]

Is growth an unachievable myth for most corporations?

Your humble [yeah, right] correspondent, BadConsultant, was thinking of growth this morning [on the way to his local diner for the best low-carb omelet-fest this side of the Mississippi] and the fable of rice on a chess board came to mind. I think it’s an old Confusciuscian [made-up words are cool] parable, though, knowing BadConsultant‘s […]

Don’t worry, they’ll turn into us one day…

Aside from the fact that they’re still ignoring Gen X, the myth-busters snapping at their heels, Boomer HR execs seem mighty fascinated by Gen Y at the moment [the number one indicator that the job market is coming back again] and yet again, I heard recently: Oh, it’s just because they’re young and haven’t had […]